I’m running for Eagle City Council because I am deeply invested in this community and I will bring a unique perspective and strong voice for Eagle’s families. I look forward to the opportunity to help shape our city now and for the next generation.

Local Control

I will advocate for increasing local control so Eagle residents and businesses can determine what's best for our city.

  • Supporting Eagle in deciding what’s best for Eagle – I will advocate for the agency of Eagle residents and businesses to make the best decisions for our community and expand opportunities for local options
  • Advocating in coalition with city councils across the state to protect local control and make decisions that honor our community. 
  • Protecting homeowners and property values by opposing oil and gas development in our community

Open Government

I will work to create an open and transparent city government that is easily accessible to citizens, businesses, organizations, and agencies.

  • Strengthen relationships among government entities and citizens
  • Create more opportunities for engagement
  • Work for an effective, open, and transparent city government that builds trust while providing a clear vision and setting expectations that create stability for residents and businesses.
  • Work to create issue-based coalitions that include citizens, businesses, organizations and agencies to address concerns and find solutions.

Responsible Growth

I will work for responsible, balanced growth, and a complete community that honors the rural relationship Eagle has with open space, our small town feel, and walkable downtown.

  • Ensuring economic growth, security, and stability for Eagle residents and businesses through sound development, appropriate density, and increasing opportunities for people to live and work downtown
  • Opposing oil and gas development to make sure our city is clean, healthy, and protected from unnecessary risk
  • Ensuring and maintaining open space
  • Supporting a variety of housing options
  • Responsible and balanced growth that enables a vibrant downtown, protects open space, honors our rural connection, and preserves our small town feel